12 April 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: April 12

As we continue our look back at some of the guests at the 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, here's a frequently requested installment: Queen Letizia! She was still in her Princess of Asturias days, and she wore two memorable ensembles for the occasion. Naturally, her main man Felipe Varela was the designer of choice for both.

Attending the pre-wedding dinner
Is this her most princess-y outfit ever, or her second most princess-y outfit ever? These are the only two options. Not counting her wedding gown, of course, because that's a given. (And yes, I mean this in the most imaginary Cinderella/Disney/happily ever after sense possible.) I figure when this is the outfit they chose for your Barbie, you must have neared the top of your princessing potential.

At the wedding
The Spanish royal ladies don't wear hats for most occasions at home - just for the occasional royal wedding, pretty much; otherwise, it's just not a thing they do - but they'll hat up when attending events abroad. You can count the number of fancy hats we've seen Letizia wear so far on one hand. When she does do the hat thing, though? She goes ALL IN. No weeny fascinators or wimpy headbands here, no sir. Feathers! Netting! Fabric galore and more! (Here's another look at the back, there's a rosette of some sort and heaven knows what else.) This Pablo y Mayaya hat cleans out all the bits at the bottom of the millinery drawer.
The 1920s vibe and the soft rose pink color help cover the over embellishment. Still, I found that I appreciated the dress much more when we saw it repeated without the hat. (Where I also opined on Letizia's hat style, because one of my favorite pet royal theories is that she's secretly repressing her millinery mania, just waiting for the day when she can unleash her true self upon Ascot week.)

Photos: via Getty Images