29 April 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: April 29

Well, I think we have to do it. I think we have to talk about THAT HAT.
Princess Beatrice attended the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, April 29, 2011, wearing a coat by Valentino Couture. Princess Eugenie wore Vivienne Westwood

Pro: There's a part of me that really admires Princess Beatrice for wearing that hat. Somebody had to fly the flag for the nuttiest and most sculptural creations that British millinery had to offer, and bless her heart, she flew it high enough to cover everyone in the family and then some. (I'm not even sure if she knew what was coming; in this ABC video on Philip Treacy ahead of the royal wedding, Beatrice herself says she had no idea what he was making for her. The designer has steadfastly named it as one of his favorites ever since.)
On the Valentino runway
Pro: This coat ranks among the best things Princess Beatrice has ever worn. It is loveliness personified (not that anyone was paying attention, thanks to what was going on north of it) (oops, forgot we were still on the pros, SORRY).

Pro: You can't say she didn't make the best of it. No royal outfit has ever been quite so widely piled upon, which can't have been easy to take. But she chose to have a sense of humor about it, auctioning the hat for $130,000 for charity. Good on you, Bea.
Both Princesses wore hats by Philip Treacy
Con: IT'S BANANAS. Stop it.

{Sidebar: Is that a giant flying bug on Eugenie's hat?? Did we know this?? I am freshly traumatized.}

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