05 April 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: April 5

Longtime readers know all about my abiding love for the magic of an Elie Saab design. (Okay, fine, short time readers too.) Two of the international royal guests at 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attempted to bring said magic to the party with...split results? You be the judge:

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
I had a hard time believing Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's suit was Elie Saab at first, but the runway doesn't lie.
 Spring 2011 Ready-to-wear Collection
It's funny, I would have picked this as one of the easiest outfits to adapt from the runway to real life use, but it's just a bit lackluster. (In MT's defense, she had better results with her dress at the pre-wedding dinner, also from this designer.)

The second guest sported a dress from the same collection:
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden
Victoria was my favorite guest on that day. Best dressed! Would she still be today? She would not. (That honor would probably be split between Princess Ameerah and then-Princess Máxima, if you must know.) My tolerance for matchy-matchy shoes has significantly plummeted in these past five years, apparently.
My love for this killer dress is still pretty strong, though. Victoria looked good. (Italics completely earned and entirely necessary.)

Photos: via Getty Images, Vogue.com