13 April 2016

Royal Trip Report of the Day: April 13

Have we officially entered the Duchess of Cambridge's maxi dress phase, or is it just time for a few more rounds of Will we ever see it again? Let us rejoin the Cambridge tour of India, and debate.

We've got casual maxi dress options:
Day 3: Visiting the Salaam Baalak Trust (left), which supports street and working children, and fireside at a Bihu festival celebration (right) in Kaziranga National Park
Photos: Kensington Palace Twitter and Instagram
The red, from the Glamorous label and worn with flats, was a smart choice for the event in every way. The blue and green is by Anna Sui, and who doesn't love a complete and total designer surprise? Alas, that might be the only thing I love about it. (I have a pitifully low tolerance for mixed prints, you see.)
Red Navy Border Print Lace Up Maxi Dress from Glamorous, Printed crinkled silk-chiffon and twill maxi dress from Anna Sui

We're also doing maxi skirt options for the evening now too - or, at least, for cocktail-ish events involving dudes in suits. There was the long Saloni London dress for the pre-tour reception, which I was iffy on (at best), and this one from Temperley London, which I luurrvvveed:
Day 2: An evening garden party celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday
Every now and then, a royal will actually wear something that I've had my eye on. This is one of those times. And since this skirt is just a notch above my budget (okay, a few notches above) (okay, allllll the notches above), I'm full of jumpy claps to see it on someone else. The "opulent embroidery motifs of Indian Chintz and lattice" are just plain gorgeous, regardless of location and event. Front runner for favorite trip outfit. So far.
Temperley London Delphia Crop Top and Long Black Delphia Skirt

While I was totally wasting time drooling over Temperley stuff conducting important research after viewing the above ensemble, I stumbled upon another dress that caught my eye. Lo and behold:
Day 3: Lunch with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They also met with a group of women, hearing about issues impacting women and girls in the country.
Photo: PMO India, pmindia.gov.in
A little something special was in order to meet with the Prime Minister. It's bright and fresh and pretty and updo-encouraging, so that's all I  need. There were new jewels too, Kiki McDonough earrings with green tourmaline and green amethyst surrounded by diamonds. These were created specially for Kate for Princess Charlotte's birth (that charming detail relayed by Anna of the Duchess of Cambridge and Countess of Wessex blogs).
The Desdemona Lace Dress in jade, from Temperley London; earrings from Kiki McDonough

But even maxi dresses have their limits (thankfully, I think).
Day 4: Touring Kaziranga National Park
Photos: Kensington Palace Twitter and Instagram
A pair of Zara trousers and membership to #TeamShades were the sensible choices when in safari mode, followed by a cheery Embroidered Smock Topshop dress.

Day 4: Visiting Pan Bari village
Photo: UK in India Twitter, Topshop

And with that, we leave the tour for now. Still to come is their trip to Bhutan and a visit to the Taj Mahal. We'll be checking back in, again.