14 April 2016

Tiara Thursday: Mary’s Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara

I promised we’d give Crown Princess Mary’s newest tiara the Tiara Thursday treatment as soon as we got a better look at it - and, well, that was quick. Yesterday was the start of a state visit from Mexico to Denmark, and the state banquet brought another appearance of this "new" piece. (Keep scrolling for the full state visit report!)

Mary's Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara (in necklace format)
Bruun Rasmussen

Created around 1900-1910, this piece is mainly made of rose and old-mine cut diamonds set in gold and silver. Small circular-cut rubies and spinels are dotted around the scrolling Edwardian design, though those red stones can often only be seen up close. The jewel was originally used as a tiara. It was sold as a necklace in 2012 at Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen. Matching diamond drop earrings were sold as one lot with the necklace; the set’s estimated price was €4,000-5,350 and it sold for €8,050, or just around $9,000.
The auction pages (ring shown was sold separately)
Bruun Rasmussen
According to a report in Billed-Bladet, Crown Princess Mary bought this set from auction for herself. It was not seen publicly, however, until April 2015, when Mary wore it as a necklace to a performance in honor of Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday.
At a performance for Queen Margrethe's 75th birthday
The Crown Princess had a frame made for the necklace, so that it could once again be used as a tiara. The tiara was debuted at a gala for art and culture in March 2016, and was worn again during the April state visit from Mexico (which was last night!). It sits high on her head, the base of the frame covered to match her hair color so that it becomes invisible.
At the Mexican state banquet
DR screencaps
I was surprised at first that Mary would acquire another red stone tiara, since she already has the Danish Rubies at her disposal. But the red stones are hardly noticeable in some situations, while in others they automatically make the piece a good fit for the items from her wardrobe she’s acquired to wear with the rubies. I like it as an alternative to her wedding tiara, and it does look divine worn upright with some serious hair behind it. (Not that there was any real chance I would object to a new tiara acquisition, anyway.)

Did the second tiara appearance change your opinion of this new-to-Mary piece?