28 April 2016

Tiara Thursday: The Tiaras of the Duchess of Cambridge

It's been five years since the Duchess of Cambridge married into the royal family, and in those five years, we've seen four tiara appearances from her. But in those four tiara appearances, we've seen her wear three different tiaras on loan from the Queen. This is a good batting average, folks. In the context of the British royal family, in fact, it is an excellent average. A retrospective (and as always, click the name of the tiara for its full story):

I assumed that her wedding tiara would be her go-to tiara for a few years after the wedding, but I was wrong. (And happy to be wrong, since I'm not a huge fan of this one.) As of this writing, we haven't seen it since. While I do not think that four events is enough evidence to make any conclusions about tiara preferences, I will note that this tiara has a long history of being ditched when better options come along.

When Kate attended the Diplomatic Reception in 2013 (her second-ever tiara appearance), the Cartier Halo Tiara was on loan for an exhibition in Paris. A second tiara was required, and this choice - beyond being a personal favorite of mine - very handily answered for us the question of what happened to the Lotus Flower Tiara after Princess Margaret passed away. This was also the Duchess' pick for her third tiara appearance, the Chinese state banquet.

The fourth tiara appearance (Diplomatic Reception, 2015) was the biggest surprise of all. I'm still holding out for a better look at this iconic tiara, but so far? Well, love. Obviously.

Which is your favorite tiara on Kate?