14 April 2016

Tiara Watch of the Day: April 14

It's a week for trips, and Denmark's got the home court advantage. The Danish royal family received the President and First Lady of Mexico for the first state visit of a Mexican president to Denmark.

The Queen and the Prince Consort, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, and Princess Benedikte met the President and First Lady
We've been doing a series of flashbacks to guests from William and Kate's wedding, so Queen Margrethe kindly took note (definitely) and made a point (absolutely) to repeat what she wore to those 2011 nuptials, just for us (totally what happened). Consider her flashbacked.

The crown princely couple accompanied the guests to Kronborg Castle
We saw this Missoni coat on Crown Princess Mary while on a trip to the Middle East in March, styled with black trousers for modesty purposes. As expected, it's even better with her usual princess styling. I remain smitten.

In the evening, the state banquet - and, more importantly, the tiaras.
Princess Marie (with Prince Joachim)
Observing our comments last week on Mette-Marit's ketchup and mustard hat (mmhmm), both Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie decided to use their newly awarded yellow sashes from Mexico's Order of the Aztec Eagle to recreate that condiment splendor in gala format for our entertainment (this is undoubtedly how it went down).
Marie's red dress is pretty much generic, I'm afraid. Still, she looks pretty, you can't go wrong with her Diamond Floral Tiara, and that's quite a dinner roll on the back of her head. The Danish royal hairstylists were earning their fees on this night.

Crown Princess Mary 
(with Crown Prince Frederik in a different grade of the same order)
Mary's dress - a Jesper Høvring repeat, first seen at the pre-wedding dinner for the Luxembourg royal wedding in 2012 - has some personality. Personality in a good way, I think; against all ruffly odds, I'm basically digging it. Mary got me again. Crafty, this one.
And she wore her new tiara again! Her Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara (as I have just christened it, in my usual original fashion) looks spectacular with this mega updo. More in today's Tiara Thursday post.

Princess Benedikte in her Floral Tiara, Queen Margrethe in the Baden Palmette Tiara and the Collar of the Mexican order. Prince Henrik, not pictured, was also present.
Queen Margrethe went casual. Relatively casual, that is. This oft-repeated dress has a top that reminds me of macramé, and when I think macramé, I don't think tiaras and fancy collars from orders. She was also suffering from a little bit of necklace overload, with the sapphires from Queen Alexandrine worn over a thin chain (a personal necklace of some sort, she doesn't always take it off) plus the collar from the order. She definitely observes a hierarchy of events in terms of how gussied up she gets for the evening, and this event just didn't call for the big show. But we got tiaras, and that's all I need at the end of the day.

Photos: Jesper Høvring, DR screencaps, via Getty Images