04 May 2016

Royal Fashion Awards: King Carl Gustaf's Birthday Banquet, Part 2

We're looping back to King Carl Gustaf's big 70th birthday tiara bash this weekend, to take a closer look at a few of the guests we didn't spend much time with on the day itself. Big tiaras and bright dresses deserve proper attention, after all. Our Royal Fashion Awards, continued:

Swirliest Purple Dream
Queen Mathilde
Photo: Sofia Svanholm, used with permission
I am not surprised that Mathilde has stuck to new Armani Privé outfits for big royal events, yet I am also surprised that this was the result. It's lacking in a bit of the structure we usually see from her Armani ensembles, and I kind of want a belt of some sort in there. It's a swirly purple princess dream of a dress anyway, and this is an excellent use of the Wolfers Necklace Tiara. If there was ever a tiara made for wearing with your hair down, this is it.
Armani Privé Spring 2016 runway (Vogue)
(I'm not sure the designer has officially been confirmed, but as ModeKoningin Mathilde also points out, the same fabric was used on the Armani Privé Spring 2016 runway. Mathilde's creation would have been bespoke.)

Best in Yacht Wear
Princess Benedikte
We saw this dress at Queen Margrethe's own birthday banquet last year, when I declared it Best in Beach Cover-Up Gravitas. Takes on a whole new meaning when one is descending from one's royal yacht on the way to the Royal Palace, doesn't it?
In 2015, for Queen Margrethe's birthday (DR)
For the Swedish birthday banquet, Benedikte wore Queen Sophia's Star and Pearl Tiara. I love this tiara, but it occurs to me that this is really a testament to Benedikte's tiara-wearing skillz. It's spiky and spaced out, and that's no easy combo to pull off. She's a pro.

Brightest Change of Pace
Princess Hisako of Takamado
Freed from the range of pastels often mandated for important tiara events at home, Hisako didn't just pick a color, she picked a COLOR. I don't know who else would pick acid green, and I don't know how else could pull it off quite so well. Bless her, she really committed to her bright palette for the whole day.
Photo: Sofia Svanholm, used with permission
Curious tiara though, right? It's like your standard wreath tiara in bandeau form, but then it has ears. Huh.

Best in Tiara Power, Part 1
Hereditary Princess Sophie
Photo: Sofia Svanholm, used with permission
I love Liechtenstein's Habsburg Fringe Tiara (it is indeed the fringiest fringe that ever fringed), and I love Sophie's commitment to wearing it (it's not the only tiara she's ever worn, but it is the one we've seen her wear to every recent big royal event). She also has a commitment to wearing this dress, apparently - she wore it to the dinner before King Willem-Alexander's inauguration, which I think was the last big international tiara event she attended.

Best in Tiara Power, Part 2
Princess Beatrix
Also BRINGING IT: Beatrix in the Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara! I'm ever so glad to know that her "retirement" doesn't mean that she's hung up the big guns for good. I wouldn't mind if she hung up this dress for good, but as long as I can convince myself that those are mini pizzas marching up the trim, it can stay.

Many thanks to Sofia for allowing use of her lovely photos! Check out her recap of the day here, and more photos here.