20 May 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: May 20

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will christen their son, Prince Oscar, in one week (and there will be an international royal crowd! Billed-Bladet reports Frederik and Mary will be there, with more guests to be confirmed).

Victoria knows a few things about a good christening. Sure, she has Princess Estelle's under her belt, but she was collecting godchildren left and right for years before that. I mean, there's a whole section of her Wikipedia page devoted to a list of her godchildren (16 on the list today, apply your own Wiki disclaimers). She's godmother to the future queens of the Netherlands and Norway and the future king of Denmark, to name just three. So let's see a few of the outfits she's worn while on godmother christening duty - just a selection, because, well, that's a whole lot of christenings.

2004: The christening of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway
If you remember the orange ensemble Victoria wore to Felipe and Letizia's wedding, then you're experiencing the same déjà vu as I am. (The christening was April 2004, the wedding was May 2004. Perhaps there was a sale on brightly colored florals that season.) This one's a lovely color and fun for a spring christening, but it soooorta looks like there's some sushi on her head.

2004: The christening of Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands
All the good stuff was happening in 2004, royal event-wise. Repeating an outfit worn to Prince Laurent and Princess Claire of Belgium's wedding the previous year, I find this very much dated and I find myself rooting for a comeback for that hat. That's a serious hat.

2006: The christening of Prince Christian of Denmark
We actually just flashed back to this outfit - Victoria wore the jacket, hat, and shoes with a lighter colored skirt later that year for her father's 60th birthday celebrations. I'm throwing the video in here mostly because I never miss a chance to go completely off track and admire Crown Princess Mary's diamond and sapphire brooch (a gift from Queen Margrethe, and a Connaught heirloom).

2008: The christening of Princess Eléonore of Belgium
Oooh, let's end it on a high note. This suit is the best. It's sparkly, and the shape is killer enough to override any sparkleblergh-type concerns. It's just pretty. This is a strong front-runner for my favorite Godmother Victoria outfit. I'm sure the list of godchildren is not complete, so I'll keep the top spot open...