18 May 2016

Royal National Day of the Week: May 18

Yesterday was National Day in Norway, an occasion I love because it gives us a chance to see the Norwegian royal family all decked out in their glorious national costume (bunad). I adore a good bunad, I think I've mentioned that six or seven hundred times; they're specific to regions, and they have the loveliest details. I'm no expert (and I know we have some out there), but I love reading about them. Fall down this rabbit hole with me, will you?

The day started with the crown princely family greeting the children's parade outside their home, Skaugum. Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and Prince Sverre Magnus were present. Even family pet Milly Kakao gets decked out in her own ribbon.

Mette-Marit wore her Rogaland bunad, which she received for her confirmation and which was embroidered by her grandmother. Ingrid Alexandra wore a new bunad from Vest-Agder. It's the second of a series that will outfit her for life, a gift to her as a baby from her mother's home, Kristiansand. Sverre Magnus' outfit is also from Vest-Agder, and Haakon is in the bunad of Asker, where their home is located.

Then it was on to another parade, viewed from the palace balcony with King Harald and Queen Sonja. The ladies usually leave the traditional dress behind for this portion and go for the regular royal coat + hat thing, but not always and not this year. The gents changed into their top hat finery, as usual.
Lucky M-M has several styles to select from - make that very lucky M-M, since these can be pretty expensive - so why stick with just one for the day? She made a quick change into a Hardanger bunad given to her as a wedding gift. Queen Sonja's incredibly intricate East Telemark bunad is a favorite; though not lacking in options herself, she often reflects her family's Telemark roots.

Last but not least, they even united with #TeamShades, for one brief, shining (literally) moment.

Have I convinced you to spend some time in this rabbit hole with me? Good. Here's more:

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated and NRK screencaps