10 May 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: May 10

What's Queen Mathilde been up to since her practically tie-dyed appearance at Sweden's birthday bash?  More prints, pretty much.

May 2: Attending the Queen Elisabeth Competition for piano
Royal Palace
This is quite fun. Although if you told me this was the emblem of her favorite tropical resort where she's decided to take up a summer job at the front desk, I might believe you.
Dries van Noten, spotted by ModeKoningin Mathilde

May 9: Again at the Queen Elisabeth Competition, this time with Princess Eleonore along
Having handed the pink print baton over to her youngest, Mathilde opted for a scenic view of her beloved tropical paradise. I see the logic in ending the print before ending the dress, but viewing from the top down is a bit like turning the last page in a book and finding it blank.

April 28: Christening a new ship for the Jan De Nul Group
Royal Palace
Prints and some texture, just for variety. (This was actually before leaving for Sweden.) This is precisely what I meant when I said her dress is Sweden was lacking a bit of the structure we usually see in her Armani Privé outfits, by the way. This one could double as a Star Trek uniform - in the sleekest and coolest possible way. Chic.