26 May 2016

Tiara Thursday: The Tiaras of Princess Laurentien

Quick programming note: Prince Oscar's christening is tomorrow! If you're planning on watching live, you can join us here for an open post. The service starts at noon in Stockholm (and here's that time zone converter again). A link to stream will be included in the open post. Now, on with today's regularly scheduled programming...

Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands turned 50 yesterday, and you know I like to celebrate with tiaras. Laurentien, wife of Prince Constantijn and sister-in-law of King Willem-Alexander, doesn't have a lot of tiara events on her schedule; the odd gala event at home and the occasional big international event is pretty much it. But even so, the generous lending policies in the Dutch royal house mean she's tried out a fair few tiaras. It's time for a tiara retrospective - as always, click the tiara name for more.

She started out with a classic when she married Prince Constantijn in 2001, complementing the strong lines of her wedding gown with a laurel wreath tiara somewhere around 200 years old.

Laurentien also took on another plant-based classic in her early princessing days, wearing the family's Ears of Wheat Tiara to the wedding of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway in 2001. The tiara does better with a little hair piled up behind it, but the motif certainly worked with the dress.

The inverted v-shape of this tiara has a tendency to look like it's about to fall off the head, something I found emphasized when Laurentien wore it. (Not that it was much noticed with this particular outfit. No, it wasn't one of her bests - but we needn't dwell on that for this birthday girl.)

Princess Beatrix's favorite tiara has graced Laurentien's head a couple of times. The diamonds in the center of each motif can be replaced with rubies; Laurentien is partial to wearing it with only one central ruby, which I don't quite understand when you could have the more complete look of three rubies. It's my favorite tiara on her anyway. Just as it suits Beatrix's hair, it also suits Laurentien's short 'do.

That short 'do makes her uniquely suited to show off tiaras with detailed bases, and she certainly did so with the family's aquamarine tiara. That massive aquamarine pendant hanging from a bow brooch associated with the Stuart Tiara/House Diamond Parure doesn't hurt, either.

What's your favorite tiara on Princess Laurentien?