19 May 2016

Tiara Thursday (with Bonus State Visit): Queen Rania’s Boucheron Bracelet Tiara

Jordan’s King Abdullah and Queen Rania are in Belgium for a state visit this week. A state banquet with King Philippe and Queen Mathilde offers the rare (these days) chance to see Queen Rania in a tiara, which is exciting…even if her particular tiara choice is not so exciting.
Belgian Monarchy
Squint real hard and you’ll see that Rania has selected her Boucheron Bracelet Tiara for the occasion. It’s her most frequently worn tiara over the past few years, but we haven’t covered it here – until now.

Queen Rania's Boucheron Bracelet Tiara
Boucheron made this tiara for Queen Rania, and she debuted it in 2008. It’s a modern design with two simple rows of diamond on either side of the head meeting in the middle with a swirl. Three drop diamonds dangle from the ends of the rows in the center. As the name suggests, it can be used as a tiara or as a bracelet.
The tiara made high profile appearances marking the tenth anniversary of King Abdullah’s reign in 2009 and at the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in 2010. Tiara events for Rania are rare at best these days. My tiara loving heart wishes she’d go all out when she does get a chance to sport one (we’ve covered two she’s worn – the Boucheron Emerald Ivy Tiara and Queen Alia’s Cartier Tiara, neither of which she owns personally – and there are at least two more), but I am not surprised that she opts for the sleeker, smaller model more often than not. It suits her and it suits the modern style with which she goes about her queenly business.

She opted for the Boucheron Bracelet Tiara again at last night’s Belgian state banquet, worn with a stunning pair of diamond earrings. Queen Mathilde wore the bandeau portion of the Nine Provinces Tiara. I thought a visit from another monarchy might have brought out the full version of the tiara (with its upper arches and large diamond collets), but she correctly interpreted what her guest would bring.

Sash swaps were in full swing: Jordan’s Supreme Order of the Renaissance for Queen Mathilde, the Order of al-Hussein bin Ali for King Philippe, and Belgium’s Order of Leopold for both King Abdullah and Queen Rania.
Mathilde picked up on the red stripe in her Jordanian sash in stellar style in this red gown, with some tiers at the bottom and sequin fun at the top. A little bit of sparkle, a little bit of movement, and a great shape for her.

Queen Rania’s Balmain skirt was made entirely of sparkle and movement, basically.
On the Balmain runway
This reminds me of the black skirt Queen Máxima wore in Denmark last year. Much like Máxima, Rania made the simplest possible tiara choice – in this case, the Boucheron Bracelet Tiara was the right pick.

We’ll end with the beginning, the official welcome yesterday. King Abdullah and Queen Rania arrived late Tuesday, with official day 1 stuff happening on Wednesday.
Queen Rania Instagram
I'm giving everything I've got to Mathilde here: LOVE. What a perfect spring state visit welcoming outfit. She was on point yesterday.