06 June 2016

Royal Earrings of the Day: June 6

I love it when we get a case of Who wore it best?, but with jewelry.
Queen Máxima opened Singularity University in the Netherlands last week
Last week, our Dutch queen wore a new pair of earrings - a pair she actually debuted during engagements on May 23rd - and they're a familiar pair to anyone who keeps an eye on royal jewelry. Dangling from Queen Máxima's ears were a pair of earrings from the Ole Lynggaard Gipsy collection. It's not hard to imagine who else has wown these trinkets...

Crown Princess Mary in Australia, 2011
That would be the biggest royal Ole Lynggaard fan around, Crown Princess Mary. Beyond personal taste, Mary and Frederik do a lot of promotion of Danish design and the firm is a jeweler to the royal court, so these modern Danish designs are right up her alley. The Gipsy collection was designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, who also designed the Midnight Tiara worn by Mary, plenty of other pieces Mary's used, and even a dress Mary's worn.

Ole Lynggaard
Different versions of the Gipsy earrings are at play here. Mary wore the version pictured on the left above, with cabochon drops of grey moonstone, onyx, and milky quartz, plus diamonds set in 18k white gold. For Máxima, the pair at the right, with drops of London blue topaz, grey and white moonstone, and smoky quartz, plus diamonds set in 18k white and rose gold.

Video: Máxima's earrings in full swing
Very different ways of styling the earrings are also at play here. Mary wore hers for an evening event, sweeping up her hair and pairing them with a simple black dress so that the earrings were really the star of the show. Máxima, on the other hand, has thus far used them for a couple of day events and apparently has no hesitation to add them to an outfit that's already plenty accessorized - witness her giant hat display above.

So, who wore them best? I'm going to have to say Mary, but you know I'm always up for an excuse to wear fancy jewelry more often. And by that scale, Máxima's always a winner.