17 June 2016

Royal Fashion Awards: Royal Ascot 2016, Part 2

Previously, on Ascot: The Blog... We left off with the fashions of Day 1 and most of Day 2; over yonder at the Jewel Vault, we've covered the Queen, Cams, and a bit of Anne in her Eliza Doolitte best (plus, a brand new brooch from Her Maj!).

"Hey, twinsies!"
We pick up with a leftover from Day 2 and the fruits of Day 3, which was Ladies' Day. The Queen set the tone for the day by hilariously matching outfits with the Gold Cup-winning jockey, and the interesting color combos and fancy hats continued from there:

Best in Ascot Spirit, Again
Princess Eugenie, Day 3
and Nearest Miss at Ascot Millinery Magic
Princess Beatrice, Day 3
Princess Haya's feather explosion from Day 1 still holds this year's top Ascot Spirit prize, but Princess Eugenie's deserves an honor of its own. This Jess Collett hat isn't over the top, but it is a serious hat upgrade for Eugenie's personal style, and that's what I want to see at Ascot.
Eugenie's dress from Roksanda; Beatrice's dress from ADEAM
Eugenie's hat was a nice curvy contrast to Princess Beatrice's overly flat hat. She tried valiantly to match the tremendous success of her orange and blue topper from last year, but alas, I suspect nothing will ever top that. I suppose we can give some points here for building the most oddly specific subset of hats around (how many orange and blue hats does a person need?), and for a second day of royal granddaughters echoing their royal granny's color scheme.
Before we move on, did you spot the bonus royal in the first pic? It's a purple-clad Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan! Princess Sarvath and her husband, Prince Hassan Bin Talal, have been at Ascot several times; he was Jordan's crown prince for years, and the couple still pop up at various Euro royal events. She's an interesting Ascot attendee because a small flower or a fascinator is about as into the hat thing as she gets. I suppose no one argues with the Queen's guests about the Ascot rules.

Also Best in Ascot Spirit
Countess of Wessex, Day 3
Doing her part for the Ladies' Day cause in Suzannah and Jane Taylor: the Mother of Coral Dragon Wings.

Closest Call in Retro Style
Princess Haya, Day 2
Speaking of Princess Haya, she reined it in (see what I did there) for Day 2 with a sleek but giant pillbox hat. It's a retro look that allllllmost works for me, but the open jacket moving around just added unnecessary bulk to the outfit. So close.
Chanel Couture Fall 2015
She was back to her big hat ways for Day 3, in tip-to-toe red.

Also present on Day 3 but not pictured here: Princess Michael the Caped Crusader, Princess Alexandra, and a pretzel-brooched Princess Royal.

Ascot continues on Friday and Saturday. Will the royals bring us anything else fun to discuss, or are they all tapped out? We shall see.