20 June 2016

Royal Fashion Awards: Royal Ascot 2016, Part 3

The year's fanciest hat parade has come to an end, and we have just a few awards left to hand out. (This, by the way, is just a selection of royals from Days 4 and 5.)

Most Conflicted Combo
Princess Haya, Day 4
This dress is half pretty ballerina and half dancing Liesl, which should make it my favorite thing ever. But then there's also an artichoke in mourning smack dab in the middle of her forehead, and now I really just don't know.

Best in Show
Princess Beatrice, Day 5
Royal attendance always peters out by the end of Ascot. The Queen was awarded for sticking around to the end with a win on the last day, and a trophy presented by her granddaughter. And Princess Beatrice awarded me for sticking around to the end by wearing what has become my favorite outfit for Ascot 2016.
Burberry Prorsum dress, Gina Foster hat
You may recall me gushing about this Burberry Prorsum dress in the past, when it appeared in a different print on Crown Princess Mary, so it's no surprise that I adore this version too. I can't wait to see Beatrice take this for a spin with a hotter shoe, but for now, the hat is all the embellishment it needs. LOVE.

Best in Continued Ascot Spirit
Princess Eugenie, Day 5
One fun skirt, a second big hat, and three cheers for bringing the quirkiness that Ascot deserves. She's had a good run with a nice mix of sophistication and fun, and I like this cheery skirt and its tip toward the fun side.
Alice + Olivia skirt and top, Nerida Fraiman hat
And hey, in the event that Ascot gets attacked by a sudden hail storm, she's all set!

Best in Gents
The Prince of Wales, Overall
Don't forget, the gentlemen deserve some appreciation too. The Prince of Wales was my standout this year, attending for four days instead of his usual one or two (Day 5 is shown above). As always, he gets it right by paying attention to the tiny details. His tie pins, for example: if you missed this fun discovery in the comments on our first Ascot post, one of his jeweled tie pins happens to be the cypher of King Boris III of Bulgaria. (Thanks to Floriana for pointing it out and Deanna for solving the mystery!) Why? Why not, I suppose.

Who wins your 2016 Best of Ascot title?