27 June 2016

Royal Jubilee of the Day: June 27

Grab your nearest crown prince and give him a twirl, it's Silver Jubilee time in Norway! Celebrations for King Harald's 25th year on the throne continued last week with the whole royal family gathering in Trondheim, where Harald and Queen Sonja's consecration was held in 1991.

Queen Sonja choose to echo the ivory ensemble she wore back then with an elegant white outfit and a lovely hat. Princess Astrid was also on the best dressed list in her bright aqua. And so were the kids, of course, because I'm a sucker for a traditional costume.

Shopping from the Huh? headwear department, we have Crown Princess Mette-Marit and her face veil. Just a face veil, like Princess Madeleine at Princess Leonore's christening, but with even fewer ornaments to give it any sort of hat-like presence.
Why bother being anti-hat if you're going to keep just the silliest bits? Sometimes I just don't know, man.

You'd think a ruffled suit and a non-hat would mean we'd reached Peak Mette-Marit, but you'd be wrong, because the flower crowns were yet to come.
The family attended a garden party, and the ladies changed clothes and donned floral wreaths because hey, why not? Honestly, though, if any royal family can make flower crowns work without looking ridiculous, it's this one - and work it they did. It was fresh, pretty, and fun.

Here's where we run into that little Who wore it best? I mentioned last week. On the very same day that Mette-Marit was gallivanting about in all the ruffles and eyelet she could find, Princess Claire was wearing the very same dress for Luxembourg's National Day.

Dress by Vilshenko (with thanks to Laura), as worn also by Princess Claire
The thing about this dress is, if you're going to wear it, you'd best find yourself a flower crown to go along with. Mette-Marit takes this one home, no competition.

There have been several events for the Silver Jubilee tour recently, and this is but a taste. For more on this day, check out a gallery here, or video of the church service here.

Photos: NRK screencaps, via Getty Images as indicated, Lyst, RTL screencap