07 June 2016

Royal National Day of the Week: June 7

The Swedish royal family made their celebrations of yesterday's National Day into a family affair, as they are wont to do. With all of them on hand, they had no problem checking off all of the critical National Day requirements.

New photos of Princess Estelle (now with bonus Prince Oscar): Check!
Photos: Kate Gabor, The Royal Court, Sweden
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel continued their tradition of issuing National Day greetings from Haga Palace with some cute new pics of Victoria, Estelle, and Oscar. Wee national costume for Estelle and a dubious expression for Oscar, what more could you ask for?

A National Day debut: Check!
Photos: Kungahuset.se
Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia opened the Royal Palace and brought Prince Alexander along for his royal debut - not unlike Princess Madeleine bringing Princess Leonore along a couple years ago, but minus the extra teensy national dress.

A fresh, pretty dress: Check!
Victoria and Daniel attended a citizenship ceremony, where Victoria also kindly checked off the Oscar de la Renta dress requirement from my general sartorial splendor checklist. This repeat is bright and pretty and all that good stuff - in other words, everything an Oscar de la Renta dress should be.

National dress: Check, check, check, and check!
SVT screencaps. See video of the concert here.
While Sweden also has more regionally specific folk costumes, the type worn by the royal ladies for the evening concert was created around 1903 for the whole country. It didn't really stick, though, until it was officially adopted in 1983 and Queen Silvia gave it a boost in popularity when she wore it for National Day that year. It may not be my favorite version of a national costume, but I do love that the royal family plays their part in it.

(By the way, we usually get the same two things popping up in the comments for this event, so let's not dwell on them this time around: No, the men never wear national dress to this event. Yes, Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia choose a more modern style of shoe. Some reasons are beyond explanation.)