22 June 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: June 22

Hang on, I need to rewind for a second.
At QEII's 90th birthday service (not even two weeks ago, but basically forever ago in internet times), I spotted Viscountess Linley in the crowd, I spotted some massive pillbox hat action, and I gave her my Best in Retro Award. Done and done.

But I didn't see the full look until later. And listen, this Christian Dior coat and Rachel Trevor Morgan hat, I gotta tell you...
I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Best in Retro and So Much More, that award should have been. So well assembled without being super matchy. Such a perfect use of a chunky heel in a lower height. Such a perfect use of a non-nude shoe. So retro without being gimmicky.
The fabric of Serena's coat, shown on the Christian Dior Fall 2016 RTW runway in a skirt
And - this is the kicker - so different from what we usually see in a parade of British royals at an event like this, I think. You know what I mean? Serena, she nailed it.