14 June 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: June 14

Even during a Very British Month, I'm not going to forget everyone else. (But if you'd like to hang out with the Windsors today anyway, you can find my full thoughts on yesterday's Garter Service here at the Vault.)

Two other royal ladies had two rather formal royal events yesterday. And they went with two rather frilly outfits:

Queen Letizia presented a new National Flag to Speciality of Engineers Regiment Number 11
House of HM the King
I didn't exactly think that the British had the market cornered on the pastels with froofy trim, but Letizia wouldn't have been my first guess to jump on board this week. Yet here she is, baby pink and embellished up. It's almost like she caught herself and added the sharp collar at the last minute to tip it back towards her usual clean, modern aesthetic. I think I would have preferred it without the collar course correction.
(By the way, Letizia's small blue bow brooch is the miniature version of her Order of Charles III, a sure sign that this is a VIP event for her.)

Mary, on the other hand, was more than willing to go all in with the froof.
Crown Princess Mary named the ship "Stenaweco Impulse"
This is suuuper feminine to me. Like, Steel Magnolias-level feminine. (If only it were full-on blush and bashful.) Beyond being in absolute awe of the sorcery she must have applied to keep all this in order outdoors in the wind, I really like it. And I think she may also be using that sorcery to get me to make that Bring Mary To Ascot petition of mine official. Three cheers for ginormous hats. (Update: Success! In a hilarious coincidence, Mary will be attending Day 2 of Royal Ascot!)