08 June 2016

Royal Prints of the Day: June 8

So many royal women out and about in prints n' patterns these days! Let's breeze through a few of them real quick:

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended audiences at Zarzuela Palace on Monday
House of HM the King
This, in fact, is our second case of Who wore it best? for the week, because Crown Princess Mary owns this Hugo Boss design in a skirt. They've both worn it many times, and I'm still trying to figure out what hidden messages lie within this Rorschach test of a dress. (Can you get dresses custom made with subliminal I need another tiara messages?)

Princess Madeleine attended a folk music mass over the weekend
Madeleine's racking up the events while home for National Day. Given that this dress is from Somerset by Alice Temperley, I am only surprised that one of our other royal Temperley fans didn't get to it first. (Sure, sure, the Duchess of Cambridge, but I'm thinking someone else: Queen Mathilde, step right up!) It's really lovely, and the addition of the belt takes it to another level.

Queen Mathilde attended a concert for the Queen Elisabeth piano competition
Royal Palace
Actually, Mathilde's been a little busy racking up Dries van Noten dresses for herself. This one's part groovy, part hotel carpet. But as I am all for something a little different, I'm going with groovy.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima attended the opening of the Holland Festival
This is your basic, pretty floral dress, no problems there. Which leaves me free to concern myself with the possibility that she could pair these earrings with that lobster necklace, and to contemplate what sort of marine life she's coming for next.