12 June 2016

Sunday Tidbits for June 12: A Locket For All These Official Portraits

Thinking I might have to change the name of this feature to Portraits n' Tidbits. This is not a complaint.

--Trooping the Colour was yesterday and we covered all the neon shenanigans over at the Vault. (Update: coverage of the Patron's Lunch is also up over there!) Also in Windsorland, one last portrait from has been released for the birthdays of QEII and the Duke of Edinburgh from the Queen's photoshoot with Annie Leibovitz.
Annie Leibovitz/Buckingham Palace

--Sometimes Queen Máxima wears crazy hats, and sometimes she just wraps some craft store finds around her head and calls it a day. [ParisMatch]

--Those Swedes and their fondness for official photos, I love them so. While they were taking christening photographs and commemorating cute cousin moments, they took a beautiful snap to release for Princess Madeleine's 34th birthday this past week.
Anna-Lena Ahlström/The Royal Court, Sweden

--Feeling outpaced by their Scandinavian friends (clearly), the Danish royal family also got in the game with a new portrait to coincide with their new Instagram and Facebook accounts. If they really want to catch up, they're going to have to give us something in tiaras. [Instagram]

--And finally, because you need a place to put all these fancy official portraits, Crown Princess Mary wore an interesting locket this week. Hosting a dinner with Crown Prince Frederik at their home, she repeated a purple Prada midi dress and wore an elegant necklace with special significance. Leave it to Mary to style this unusual gem with absolute perfection, previously on a sleek white suit and here on a vivid dress. [Facebook]

Frederik commissioned this medallion from Ragnar R. Jørgensen for Mary's 40th birthday. It has the couple's joint monogram on one side, an argyle pattern of diamonds on the other, and it opens on both sides to hold four pictures. We can probably guess which people occupy those four spaces. (I mean, it's probably not the latest official portraits of random royals across Europe, but maybe it is, I don't know her life.)
Ragnar R. Jørgensen

Coming up this week: A bunch of purty dresses, ever so many British events, and more...

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