15 July 2016

Royal Birthday of the Day: July 15

I have only cuteness to offer today. Perhaps that's what we need.

Crown Princess Victoria turned 39 yesterday! The Swedish royal family celebrated Victoriadagen at their summer residence of Solliden Palace on the island of Öland. They do this every year, greeting the crowds outside the palace first, with a concert later in the evening.

Victoria's dress - possibly the epitome of a simple summer dress, not exactly casual but not dressy either - was worn previously for those cute photos with Estelle and Oscar for National Day last month (and is by Ralph Lauren, per The Royals and I). Estelle, of course, is sporting one of her mother's old dresses.

And then there was wee Prince Oscar, blissfully unaware that he was supposed to be impressed.

For the concert, Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria switched into their traditional costumes from Öland, as they always do. The rest of the family joined in (but sans costume, because it's just Victoria and Silvia for this event).

New this year: Estelle! She attended the concert for the first time, rocking some serious ear protection. If you have to wear ear defenders, you might as well make 'em hot pink.

For Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine, it all came down to the shoes. I had no idea espadrille wedges could get so clunky so quickly, just due to a black heel. I ought to thank Sofia for this key lesson. And finally, just in case you needed it, Madeleine's offering up a lesson of her own: there doesn't have to be anything boring about a nude shoe. A+ work.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated, and SVT screencaps