27 July 2016

Royal Florals of the Day: July 27

Queen Letizia attended the 25th Annual FEDEPE Awards yesterday.
Well lookie here, my favorite living shampoo commercial is still killing it! She totally knows she's killing it, too, which is even better. Just strolling by, casually scooping up yet another Perfect Summer Queen trophy to put up on the mantel.

House of HM the King
The dress is from CH by Carolina Herrera, so no wonder I love it. It's a floral with a twist, in a subtle embossed texture instead of a colorful print. She emphasized the floral theme with earrings also by Carolina Herrera.
CH by Carolina Herrera
Just...you know. {contented sigh of loveliness}

Queen Letizia presented the National Fashion Awards last week.
Other florals have also been in the mix. She wrapped herself head to toe in Spanish fashion for this event honoring Spanish fashion - obviously - and pulled out an old Zara dress for the occasion. The showpieces here were the earrings by Anton Heunis, featuring brass, antique silver plate, Swarovski crystals, and amethyst drops with lions and...bugs.
Anton Heunis
Okay, but I'm just going to need some assurance here that we won't be taking the bug thing to Máxima levels in the future.