14 July 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: July 14

We should probably record this moment here. Officially. Just for the sake of posterity, and whatever.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the men's final at Wimbledon on Sunday.
WILLIAM DID NOT WEAR A BLUE SUIT. Mark it on the calendars, for this was a momentous day. He looked really good - #TeamShades never hurts, mind you - and now I wonder if maybe Charles could influence him to break up that endless run of navy in other ways too. Probably best if I don't get my hopes up.

Alexander McQueen Obsession print dress
The other Cambridge wore a new dress from Alexander McQueen. I've seen a lot of picking apart of this print (lipsticks, lip prints, skulls, butterflies, and a lot more), but I'm just glad to see her in something that keeps a bit of the delicious weirdness of McQueen intact.