19 July 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: July 19

The Danish royal family gathered for their annual summer photocall on Friday, with the royal couple and the crown princely family.
Whilst Henrik tried something new (was "experiment with facial hair" on his retirement bucket list?), Mary tried something old: another variation of the casual boho look, her favorite sort of summer photocall costume.
In the Mary Does Boho Summer Games, I'll give it the silver medal. (In these Games, the gold obviously must go to 2012's festival of Free People patterns, the bronze to last year's maxi skirt effort, and a yogurt lid on a string of paper clips to 2014's muumuu of which we shall not speak.)

Sabine dress by SEA, per Heaven
Better without the cardi? Sure. But I'm not about to let a chill ruin my appreciation of a cute dress. In conclusion:
 Pretty much.

(Click here for a video in which Josephine's got the moves and Isabella chauffeurs like a boss, or here for a gallery. There are a few bonus family members to be spotted as well.)