13 July 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: July 13

Okay, let's see what goodies we've got in the recent Mathilde pile...

Queen Mathilde's been on a working visit to the United Nations in New York, speaking on sustainable development and on children in armed conflict.
Royal Palace
Big stuff here, important stuff. Obviously crucial to note, then, that I think she might be doing something different with her hair. And that I like her in yellow. (She wore this dress last year, for one of her best 2015 appearances.)

The King and Queen of the Belgians received the Duke and Duchess of Wellington at the Castle of Laeken.
Royal Palace
 I don't know what brought the Duke and Duchess to Belgium, but you shouldn't need a reason to gather your smartest navy and white ensembles together. Full marks to both ladies. (Who left King Philippe out of the blue memo, eh?)

The King and Queen received the President and First Lady of Argentina.
An elegant neckline is making this otherwise typical Mathilde ensemble worthy of note. The color combo, though...pass.

King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, and Princess Elisabeth attended a religious procession.
Royal Palace
But Mathilde's never going to pass on any color combo with orange. Even if the absence of a favorite partner in orange crime means drafting one's daughter in to play the role of the Seussical twin.