08 July 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: July 8

Right, so: Cambridge, Duchess of.

The Duchess of Cambridge announced the winner of the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2016 on Wednesday.
Sometimes I wonder if I am seeing the same thing as everyone else, for I find this neither as "daring" nor as much a departure as others seem to think. But I too am glad to see this paired with a sandal rather than a pump. The photo above holds the primary appeal for me. (Because everything looks better in motion, while walking down stairs. It is known.)
Barbara Casasola dress, a new designer for HRH
Maybe part of the reason that I don't see the dress as a huge departure for her is because the fabric panel effect has the sportiness I could easily imagine Kate wearing at Wimbledon (minus the uncovered shoulder and such). She did not go for tennis whites this year, though. 

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Countess of Wessex attended Wimbledon yesterday.
Once again playing along with my tour repeat game, the Duchess brought back the yellow and white Roksanda Ilincic dress she wore on arrival in Australia during the 2014 Tour de Cambridge. This dress, I like it - but we're at Wimbledon, so I will always like #TeamShades even more. (Note as well that she's done all of us that care about this sort of thing a solid by repeating the new earrings she debuted under a cloak of hair the previous evening. They're from Soru Jewellery, with baroque pearls and Swarovski crystals.)
Just to make it even better, Sophie turned up! I am just now realizing that I never really looked at these Suzannah separates when she wore them to Ascot. Topping things with lizard wing hats can be a touch distracting.