21 July 2016

Royal Photocall of the Day: July 21

The Swedes decided to get in on the family photocall trend this summer, gathering at Solliden for the press after celebrating Crown Princess Victoria's birthday. This is like a royal version of Keeping up with the Joneses, and I love it.

Video: The photocall in action
And...yup, they've hit all the usual royal family photocall requirements: kids who have no idea they shouldn't be going about their normal business, adults crossing their fingers the kids don't have a meltdown, and general awkwardness. That's pretty much it, those are the only requirements. Oh, and a dog. Gotta have the dog in there.

Expressen screencap
On the sartorial side of things, it's possible that Princess Madeleine has come up with the absolute perfect summer photocall outfit. The top - which The Royals and I informs us is Valentino - is not too casual, and perfect with a cropped pant. A doubly perfect selection when you know you have a runner on your hands. Summer style done right, I say.  

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