20 July 2016

Royal Wedding Flashback of the Day: July 20

Lady Helen Windsor, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, married Tim Taylor on July 18, 1992. Her Catherine Walker gown - so difficult to construct, the designer later wrote she nearly had to bribe her team to create it - became one of the highlights of Catherine Walker's considerable royal dressing career. (Walker herself passed away in 2010, but her legacy continues today. Lady Gabriella Windsor and the Duchess of Cambridge are current royal fans.)
The bride borrowed the Kent Diamond and Pearl Fringe Tiara from her mother. The tiara was most likely created from a diamond bandeau from Queen Mary, a piece that the Duchess of Kent wore on her own wedding day. The embroidery on the dress took its cues from the tiara, so - combined with her pearl and diamond necklace and earrings - this is one of the best examples of jewelry working with a wedding dress to create a complete look.

The arches at the neckline were inspired by the St. George's Chapel venue, an influence that is clear without becoming overwhelming. It's not The Cathedral Gown - as opposed to, say, The Bow Gown - but those details still give this dress its originality. I think it's a bit dated, from today's perspective, but it still holds its own and I still consider it anew each time I see it. (This time around, I realize that I never really considered her bouquet, or how she held it. Suddenly realizing that it included purple - I'm just generally not here to look at the flowers, okay? - makes me love this look even more.)