16 August 2016

Royal Fans of the Day: August 16

Many of our royals have already left the Rio Olympics for home, but King Willem-Alexander is still manning his position as Chief Fan of the Dutch team.

The King with Dutch athletes
Photo: RVD
I spy some Dutch gymnasts in there, which pleases me greatly. Queen Máxima and the A-Team joined the King this week, just to multiply the fun - and the confusion, when Máxima was identified as the wife of one of the athletes by a broadcaster. Oops!

These lucky ducks all got to watch Sanne Wevers take her place in the history books in the balance beam event final yesterday (above; there are also some very sweet pictures of them congratulating her and examining that precious medal). I want to watch a sporting event with these guys. Thumbs up left and right!

Dress by Vita Kin, ID by European Royals Fashion
Maxima's in full-on vacation mode, in case you were wondering about the sartorial side of things. I could see her lounging around their Greek home in this one. Maybe she just didn't bother unpacking from their last trip.

Clearly. Regarding this jumpsuit situation...I have decided simply to be glad she didn't find one in a bright orange. (She would. You know she would.) Anyhoo, about that gymnastics...