23 August 2016

Royal Fans of the Day: August 23

The Olympics can't end until we check in one last time with our resident royal fans.

Good news from the equestrian events: Queen Máxima continued playing her boho holiday game until she got it ohhhhh so right.
I'll take one of these maxi dresses, please and thank you. Throw in a sporty summer fedora while you're at it. Based on Máxima's Olympic wardrobe, they seem to be the key to elevating every look.

The Dutch royals ended up hanging out with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia at the jumping final! What the Swedes lacked in jaunty fedoras, they made up for with other winning accessories.
An Estelle phone case for the proud grandma! Please tell me King CG has one with a grumpy Prince Oscar face on it.

Maybe not, but he does have the ultimate in Olympic accessories:

He was given a little gold medal by some Swedish fans, and showed it off just like the actual Olympic champion with her actual gold medal. I love that.

The Olympics are over, but the Paralympics are on their way. Fingers crossed for some more royal support.