02 August 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: August 2

As I'm sure you've heard, it has been confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Canada this fall. Their second Canadian tour will include British Columbia and Yukon, with dates and a full itinerary to come as the trip approaches. I think this calls for a little nostalgia, no?

When you think back to the fashion of that North American tour of 2011, what comes to mind first? For me: Erdem. A Canadian designer was a must, and the trip was an introduction to the world of Erdem in Kate's wardrobe.
A little blue in Quebec (the Quebec flag is blue, of course)...

UK in Canada via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
...plus a little navy lace in Ottawa. This was the dress she chose for their arrival in Canada, setting the tone for the whole trip. Looking back at the tour, this one might actually be my favorite for the Canadian leg of the trip. Even though it's pretty basic in design, it stands out. And somehow it manages to sneak past my general sense of lace fatigue, which is a true accomplishment/possible trickery. (Relive these two outfits: Ottawa and Quebec.)

These two selections were on the simple side of the pattern use that label is best known for, and five years on, she's still inching towards the deep end of the Erdem pool. I can't image a Canadian tour for the Duchess without some new additions from this designer, and I shall eagerly await her new picks.