10 August 2016

Royal Jewels of the Day: Princess Marie-Chantal's Diamond Infinity Hoop Earrings

There are a lot of items in Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece's jewel collection that I'd give a limb or two to have. These earrings are right up there at the top of the list.

Featuring three tiers of diamond infinity-style loops, they're basically standard hoop earrings with the volume turned up to 11. They come from a jeweler whose entire style tends to turn the volume up to 11, JAR (Joel Arthur Rosenthal). The American-born and Paris-based jeweler is mysterious by design, operating with a limited clientele and a limited output; he reportedly reserves the right to refuse to sell items if he thinks they won't look good on the client. As a result, his pieces sell like hotcakes whenever they come up at auction. (Here's a Pinterest board devoted to his creations, a splendid way to waste some time.)

Lucky Marie-Chantal has several gems from the acclaimed jeweler. (And she's not JAR's only royal customer; others include Princess Caroline and, most recently, Queen Máxima.) M-C wears her diamond infinity hoops with everything from hats to tiaras, and I love them each and every time.