17 August 2016

Royal Necklace of the Day (and a Programming Note): August 17

I'm bidding you adieu until Monday! I leave you with this parting gift:

Video: Queen Josephine's Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace
Sotheby's sold Queen Josephine of Sweden and Norway's double row natural pearl and diamond necklace back in 2014, but I just stumbled across this video of the jewel recently. The necklace came to Queen Josephine (1807-1876) via her mother, Augusta, Duchess of Leuchtenberg (1788-1851); it is thought that Augusta received the jewel as a gift from her mother-in-law, Empress Jos├ęphine (1763-1814). It eventually passed out of the main royal line and was sold more than once.

Josephine and her necklace (and the Cameo Tiara)
I'm honestly not much for pearls, but that video's trying hard to change my mind. I think I'm a little bit bewitched. The necklace sold for a whopping $3,426,669, so I'm clearly not the only one.