30 August 2016

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: August 30

The royals are continuing to come out of hiding for our first random grab bag assortment in a while, huzzah.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen MĂĄxima received the Dutch medal winners on their return from Rio de Janeiro last week.
Like there's any other color she would have worn here. Even W-A knows the drill, check that tie.

Crown Princess Mary celebrated the city of Glostrup's 850 year anniversary.
Between this and the coat from last week, she'll be well stocked with options for her next civil wedding. (Guess it's time to renew those vows, Fred.)

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia attended celebrations for the Swedish Local Heritage Federation's centennial.
Dress by Rodebjer, per The Royals and I
I think it's groovy. Or, well, at least as groovy as you can get in shades of blergh. There's another Swedish christening on the horizon (Prince Alexander on the 9th, don't forget!), and if this is a GAME ON notice to Princess Madeleine for a forthcoming battle of the massively sleeved christening outfits, you can sign me right up for a front row seat.