03 August 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: August 3

Ah, it's Olympics time! Known to one and all as the only time I can be bothered with sports a big royal gathering point. Even in years like this one, where distance and...diseases, I don't even know...are keeping many away, we can still count on the royal members of the IOC to turn up. IOC member Crown Prince Frederik brought along Crown Princess Mary (they met when he was in Sydney for the 2000 Games, you know), and Crown Princess Mary brought along one of my favorite Burberry dresses.

She definitely saw me raving about this floaty silk Burberry Prorsum number when Princess Beatrice wore one to Ascot, and remembered she had one in her own closet to wear. And remembered that there's no way I won't rave about it every.single.time. Clearly this is what went down.

Royal Family Instagram, Burberry
I know I tend to swim against the stream here, but I just love this dress. I JUST DO. What a fab royal start to these Games.

Denmark might be the monarchy sending the biggest representation to Rio: Mary and Fred were joined by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, who took the scenic route to Rio with all four kids (Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena). The family united for the opening of the Danish Pavilion in Rio.

I like to think this one's just for those that missed Joachim & Co. at the summer photocall. Family togetherness!