26 August 2016

Royal Style Twins of the Day: August 26

Crown Princess Mary is back to work and keeping busy, bless her splendiferous soul.

Crown Princess Mary opened a Monet exhibition this week.
She pulled these pieces from the back of her closet (she debuted the Prada/Miu Miu dress/jacket combo back in 2012). Although I am wondering whether we couldn't do with a little more shoe interest here, the outfit is as fresh and lovely as ever.

It was this very combo that came to my mind last year, when we saw something along those same lines...
Queen Letizia in Felipe Varela, 2015
Aqua with a white overlay does seem just the thing for a special occasion on a sunny day, no? And thus we arrive at the eternal question: Who wore it best? (I...might have to go with Letizia on this one.)

In other Mary news...

The Crown Princess opened an exhibition of works by photographer Marco Grob yesterday, including new portraits of herself and Crown Prince Frederik.

Keep the new portraits and the TIARAS coming, because when it's Danish Ruby Parure time, it's jumpy claps time. Of particular interest here is the use of the complete necklace from the Ruby Parure. Since Mary altered the parure for added flexibility, we haven't seen her wear the whole thing together - even here, she's using a pared down version of the earrings - and the necklace seems to get even fewer outings than the rest. (Or maybe it just feels that way to me, because I luuurve it. So grand!) Rest it right on that glam golden dress, Mary. (For the full portraits and more, click here.)
This outfit is also a little bit of a twin moment, by the way: Crown Princess Victoria owns a different take on the black floral Dolce & Gabbana dress. Just to bring our theme full circle.