14 September 2016

Royal Event of the Day: September 14

Ah, autumn. A time for pumpkin spice, a time for...parliament openings, at least for select royal families. The Swedes kicked things off yesterday by attending events for the opening of their parliament. Dress code: black and white, a little nod to the old court dress days. With hats and/or a selection of that's-not-a-hat hats, as the Swedish royal family often tends to sway.

Even Silvia got in on the trend in a donut hat masquerading as a pillbox. This is not a gripe, though. That black suit is pretty much impeccable. Honestly, I don't have much to gripe about here, and griping's my specialty.

See? Everyone looks very smart. Princess Sofia has knocked me straight over with her sleek black dress and - wait for it - not a middle part to be seen in that 'do, a refreshing change. Princess Madeleine's right on trend with that Colonel Sanders blouse, which I'd like very much if it didn't have to fight with the details on the jacket and the texture on the skirt. (I said I didn't have much to gripe about, mind.)

In the evening, they headed out for the traditional concert. Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia skipped it, but Princess Madeleine brought all the look we needed. Let's call this one the Saucy Dowager Countess.