12 October 2016

Double Tiara Watch of the Day: October 12

Ready for more dispatches from fall state visit season? We're cutting straight to the tiaras, just because we can:

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde are in Japan for a state visit, where Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko hosted a state banquet in their honor.
I had high hopes for some serious tiara weight here, in a monarchy-to-monarchy state visit. Not from the Empress, of course; she stopped wearing tiaras a few years ago. But Mathilde wasn't feeling it either, opting for her simple Wolfers Necklace Tiara. Okay, Mathilde. I'm gonna let this slide because a) the dress is basically handling the majesticness of this look on its own, and b) we still have a state visit from Belgium to the Netherlands coming up for some true diamond power.

Belgian Monarchy
It's a pretty good gala dress, though, isn't it? (By Dries Van Noten, per ModeKoninginMathilde.) Showcases the yellow and red sash of Japan's Order of the Precious Crown, but doesn't try to match it. Together with the warm tones of her outfit from their official welcome ceremony and first meeting with the imperial couple (above), she had a whole autumnal thing going on for the day. It's the pumpkin spice latte of state visit wardrobes, and I'm digging it.

VTM screencaps
Lest you think Queen Mathilde was the only lady in a tiara, the rest of the imperial ladies were out in force sporting their regular full parure looks. I spy Crown Princess Masako in the Pearl Sunburst Tiara, Princess Kiko in her own parure, Princess Mako in her own parure, and Princess Kako also in her own parure, at least. Really a very sparkly display, overall. (For more, click: here for some looks at Mathilde and the setting, here for a video with state banquet highlights at the end, and here for a gallery focusing on the Japanese family. Sayako Kuroda, the daughter of the Emperor and Empress, was also in attendance.)

The Norwegian royal family welcomed the President and First Lady of Singapore for a state visit, with a state banquet on Monday night.
So anyway, like I said, we're cutting straight to the tiaras. Yeah, focus on the tiara. It's the Amethyst Necklace Tiara for a change, that deserves some love, right? It does. Looks like Princess Astrid went for the Vasa Tiara. Queen Sonja shook it up a little bit for herself, in the Modern Gold Tiara. (But only a little bit, because she still wore a 25-year-old Erik Mortensen dress and some things never change. See Sonja and more of the rest here.)
Sandra Mansour gown, per Heaven and The Royals and I
Okay, and the dress...well, I do think it's been done a disservice by the flashes and whatnot that are just a part of the traditional state visit stroll at the palace, because we're losing all that skirt detail and thus are losing the best part of the dress. But that doesn't mean it was a wise choice in the first place. Oh well. We'll always have the tiaras.