10 October 2016

Monday Tidbits for October 10: Quadruple Queens

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To the tidbits, with quadruple the queen news:

--Queen Letizia went literal in red this year for Día de la Banderita, raising funds for the Spanish Red Cross. The outfit works best in motion, I think (and don't miss her collecting from the press at the end of that video). At another engagement, she wore an oversized coat and played it just right by pairing it with a slim trouser to balance out the volume. [YouTube, Zimbio]
House of HM the King

--I wish she'd pass that note on balancing volume along to Queen Máxima. A voluminous skirt worn with a draped top is just too much for one outfit. [ParisMatch]

--A proud Queen Rania accompanied King Abdullah to Germany, where he was awarded the Peace of Westphalia Prize. Proud - and sparkly, in Dior. (For the day, she wore a sharply shaped black suit.) [Instagram]

--The link to the Jewel Vault in the sidebar on this blog disappeared for a while, a temporary technical glitch that has been fixed now. Anyway, QEII is back and in action and handled an investiture on Friday in purple and pearls.

--And finally: Harry + kids, say no more.

Coming up this week: A royal wedding with a goat tiara (oh yeah), the Belgiums in Japan, and more...

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