07 October 2016

Royal Brooches (and Tiaras!) of the Day: October 7

Double the brooches and double the diadems to close out our week, as we check in with two sparkling queens: 

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia are on a state visit to Germany this week.
Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/The Royal Court, Sweden
Queen Silvia brought the Connaught Tiara for the state banquet on the first day of their state visit to Germany, a great choice for a black tie banquet. She paired it with massive pearl earrings, a lovely diamond collet necklace, and a dress that I'm just not sure about.
Silvia's in her home country, so she upped her tiara power accordingly by bringing another tiara to wear for night two, bless her sparkly soul. And she wore it with purple!
'Twas the Baden Fringe Tiara! This was a lovely surprise. While the tiara has made the rounds in the family and has graced Silvia's head plenty of times in the past, it's so associated with Crown Princess Victoria that it feels a treat to see it featured on someone else.
But enough about the tiara. (I know, I can't believe I typed that either.) Let's talk about that brooch! Spectacular, isn't it? It's new - and by new, I mean old but criminally underused. Like the tiara, it was worn by Victoria of Baden. It can be seen in the picture below, just above the spot where Queen Victoria has strung the Baden Fringe across her person as though arming herself for battle.
What other long-unseen treats would you like to bring out, Your Maj? I, for one, am here for whatever you've got.

Queen Mathilde traveled to Paris to visit two exhibitions featuring the works of Belgian artists.
Photos: Belgian Monarchy
The Danish royal family went wild with the brooches at their parliament opening, Queen Silvia went for it in Germany, and Queen Mathilde hopped in on the action when she visited Paris. Brooches are having a good month.
This simple but intriguingly sleeved dress - in a killer color - is the perfect place to park a little sparkle. Mathilde debuted this brooch last year, I believe, and she's worn it several times since. (As well she should, it's gorgeous.) Let's all cross our fingers that this is merely a warm up for Mathilde and Philippe's state visit to Japan, which happens next week.