11 October 2016

Royal Florals of the Day: October 11

My love of floral patterns is really getting out of hand.

The annual Crown Prince Couple's Prizes were presented this weekend. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary presented prizes honoring work in cultural and social areas, and for up and coming innovators.
Ulrik Jantzen/Bikubenfonden via CC BY-ND 3.0
Mary nabbed this skirt from designer Jayson Brunsdon after she sported it in a photoshoot for Australian Vogue. The length and volume could make it tricky to style, but she wisely keeps it simple in a black top with a wrap detail (as she did the last time she wore it). The brocade is so deliciously rich, it's an excellent choice for a semi-formal evening event. This plays right into my floral obsession.
Ulrik Jantzen/Bikubenfonden via CC BY-ND 3.0
(Sidebar: I always look forward to this event to see what jewels Mary will wear - it's been a bit of a showcase in the past. After last year's inventive use of the brooch from the Danish Ruby Parure, she reached into her considerable collection of aquamarines and produced her lovely girandole earrings.)

The Duchess of Cambridge (with the Duke and Prince Harry) attended an engagement with Heads Together yesterday.
But the bad thing about florals, of course, is that you're only ever one step away from a wallpaper pattern. And once it has occurred to you that a certain dress would be the wallpaper of Dolores Umbridge's dreams, there's really no turning back.
Dress by Kate Spade