14 October 2016

Royal National Day of the Week: October 14

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, the Princess of Asturias, and Infanta Sofia attended celebrations for Spain's National Day on Wednesday.
It was blue last year and teal the year before for Queen Letizia, but one thing never changes: Felipe Varela is her man for the National Day job. Leonor and Sofia wore Carolina Herrera coats, so the family covered all their favorite designer bases.

There's tons of detail on this new dress, beading and such on an already textured background, but it's saved from overload by the simple black and white color scheme. And it ended up being a bright spot in a rainy background outside, so bonus points for weather coordination (no matter how coincidental it might have been). This might be the rare occasion for which I would have preferred a black shoe, though.

Other accessory quibbles aside, her styling from the shoulders up is divine as usual. Letizia turning into the queen of earrings and updos has to be one of the more delightful surprises in the past few years of royal looks, right?