25 October 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 25

The King and Queen of Spain have made their annual visit to Asturias for the Princess of Asturias Awards. So that's one new Felipe Varela outfit, coming right up...
This year, we've got a nude dress with a tulle overlay embroidered in black and crystals. With a soft low ponytail-with-a-twist and her black diamond earrings from De Grisogono, it's a very detailed look. Honestly, it's too detailed to be leaving me as meh as it is.
Maybe I am once again in need of a different shoe. Or maybe I just need to stop getting my hopes up for annual events that I think might produce a year's best. Yeah, it's probably the last one.

One more for the road, because this post needs some color:
The couple also visited the Los Oscos Region.
Ahhh, there we go. Bonus points for this fab pink coat because it is from Asturian designer Marcos Luengo, and because it's nice to see her add another designer to the mix.