04 October 2016

Royal Trip Report of the Day: October 4

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary hit the United States last week, visiting Washington, D.C. and Boston with a Danish business delegation. Mary kicked things off with her shorts jumpsuit (again) - which I have omitted here because I really Just Cannot With That - and then moved straight into the prints she's been digging lately.

I do not really care for this repeated Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt gown, but I see the logic in it: even a train can't make this too formal as long as there's a touch of the psychedelic involved. A good balance when one doesn't want to get too far into gala mode. Also, I know you want to see these two cutting a rug at the Smithsonian, so click here for a little video.

How about a little déjà vu?
Who wore this Vilshenko dress best, Charlene or Mary? I mean, I think it's a draw. We'll wait until Mette-Marit throws her hat into this ring (surely it's only a matter of time) to hand out the medals.

The last time we saw this, the styling prompted a Steel Magnolias comparison. Subtract the giant hat, change the jewelry choices, and boom, you go from froof to business. Not bad at all.