06 October 2016

Tiara Thursday: The Tiaras of Queen Sofia

Sometimes it's good to have a reminder of the full depth of Spain's tiara bench. For that, you need to get Queen Sofia back in action. Via photo, at the very least. (You can click on the tiara names below to view their full histories.)

If the Spanish royal family has a "starter tiara", this one - from Queen Sofia's mother, Frederika - would be it. It's also the closest they come to a consistent wedding tiara, having appeared on the bridal heads of both Sofia and Letizia. And it is, I think, a good one to move on from. There are more impressive diadems ahead.

Queen Letizia moved right on to this classic diamond floral tiara, one of Sofia's wedding gifts - it's been her favorite for the past few years. This is the epitome of a can't-go-wrong design, and it manages to flatter every head it graces.

I'm always torn as to whether this is better on display or in action. Not that I would ever object to seeing it in action again, mind you. This tiara has a long Spanish royal history, and was among Sofia's wedding gifts.

Is this "tiara" better in its necklace format? Well, yeah. But it's the only colored stone tiara option she has, so you take what you can get. (This is another of Sofia's wedding gifts, by the way. She cleaned up nicely.)

Now we're heading up the scale in grandness, and I must say I prefer this swirly Cartier number over...

...this loopy Cartier number. Although this one is really rather impressive on the size scale. (Aren't those sapphire earrings spectacular, while we're in admiring mode? This was at a state banquet for Saudi Arabia, cluing you in to the likely provenance.)

Nothing's quite as impressive as the queen of them all, of course: La Buena. Will I love Queen Sofia forever for bringing this one out for one last display during the last state banquet of King Juan Carlos' reign? Yes, yes I will.

Which is your favorite Sofia tiara?