04 November 2016

Royal Dress of the Day: November 4

The Duchess of Cambridge attended the premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob supporting Action on Addiction last night.
Kate's back in action, and she still loves her a white dress. This one, from Self-Portrait, which is a new designer for her, has already been seen on the red carpet on celebs such as Paris Hilton. And I never thought I'd say it, but...Paris wore it better. It's nice to have these new experiences.

Self-Portrait dress
This is one of those dresses that I find pretty solidly middle of the road. I'm glad to see her pick up the color of her remembrance poppy brooch with the red bag and shoes instead of going for a neutral color. I realize I may be damning this with faint praise but that's sort of the way it goes with the solidly middle of the road category.

The Duchess meets the stars of the film, Bob the street cat, and his owner Jim Bowen
Kensington Palace
In all fairness to the Duchess, though, I really don't have any idea what one should wear for an audience with an indifferent cat.