15 November 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: November 15

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary celebrated their copper wedding anniversary - twelve and a half years - yesterday. This calls for a celebration in Denmark, and so the couple's friends and family followed Danish tradition and "surprised" the couple with a morning wake up call in song. The royal court shared a photo:
So, happy anniversary to them, and happy occasion-for-a-Mary-Day-not-that-we-needed-a-reason-anyway to us! We'll have our Mary Day in a trademark Mary Way, with a flashback to the various ways she manages to reuse and give new life to things we've seen before. One dress, three ways...

Cour grand-ducale
One of Mary's outfits in Luxembourg in 2012, while attending wedding festivities for the Hereditary Grand Duke, was notable at the time as a continued display of the growing flexibility of the Danish Ruby Parure. Here, she wore a pared down version of both the necklace and earrings, along with her revised version of the tiara. It was also notable as the debut of a new red dress from one of her favorite designers, Jesper Høvring.
Jesper Høvring

We've seen the dress twice since, each time with a slightly different spin.
Earlier this year, she used it for a classic gala appearance. The jewels aren't as heavy as they were in 2012 - she wore her Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara - and I missed them. She was probably balancing out the added fuss of the sash, but I missed a little extra ruby power anyway. This was appearance #3 for the dress.

My favorite appearance of the dress to date was appearance #2. In the Netherlands in 2013, she wore the full version of the ruby parure earrings and went just a touch retro with the hair - the perfect solution for such a flippy and fun dress. I never say no to a tiara, but this might be a better black tie gown. Which is your favorite appearance?