11 November 2016

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: November 11

A renovated hat, a splash of leather, and a fondly remembered repeat to round out our week:

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima finished their state visit to New Zealand this week.
Pleasingly sherbert-y and bright, the only thing that doesn't quite feel right with this outfit is the hat. It's too tall and too rounded - and, it turns out, there's a reason for that: Royal Hats has identified it as just the top portion of a previously large-brimmed hat. I'm all for renovations, but whyyyyyyy would you ditch the most glorious part of the hat? I suppose it's not like Máx doesn't have fifteen other variations at the ready.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended the presentation of the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award yesterday.
House of HM the King
So it wasn't just the leather culottes, it was an entire leather shopping spree! Well, if anyone can pull off a leather top with studs, it's Letizia. And, bonus: she's all set for her next Game of Thrones cosplay party.
Top from Uterqüe

The Countess of Wessex accompanied the First Lady of Colombia during the Colombian state visit to Britain last week.
Sophie's appearance in this Suzannah coat at last year's Christmas service was a last minute add to my list of 2015 favorite outfits, so any repeat will automatically earn my love. An elegant choice to escort an honored guest.